Dorothy Kristin Hanna

Sole Proprietor of Arodasi Healing Center   —

Oil Paintings – Diary

1977 – 2008

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Oil Paintings – Contemporary

2009 – 2011

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2012 – Present

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Diary Gallery Contemporary Gallery Digital Gallery - Contemporary Modern Abstract Art


“Everything is an Opening”

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my short film:

I do art, because art lives inside me. My intention in sharing the work with the world, is to heal. Healing all worlds, the inside and the outside. All experience is an opening into another world.

In these works, including my 15 minute short film, titled, “BEing”; I believe that all vibration from light and color, work with the frequency of the body. When one is attracted to a painting, it is because their body will balance with the poetry of the image and the feeling that it invokes inside the central nervous system.

I create to heal and connect to the austere beauty of a shape, image or idea.